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Jul 13, 2018

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“We were really under the pump,” Mr Ahern says. The carefully curated vintage furniture and artefacts that are themed to tell the history of the basement’s various occupants, was the easy part of what Mr Ahern says was a seriously challenging architectural design and building job. Being so culturally and historically important, as well as perhaps sitting atop artefacts pertaining to the very first weeks of the 1788 Sydney Cove convict settlement, building owners Property NSW and heritage authorities were insistent that whatever was emplaced in the basement was not allowed to touch the walls. “We also had to maintain air gaps between the fittings and the building”, says Mr Ahern, “so moisture couldn’t build up. No fixtures were allowed to touch the (original) walls, floors or ceilings.” The bar features sandstone all around. Photo: Tom Ferguson Cabinetry and banquettes were built as what Mr Ahern terms “a secondary carcass” that sits free of walls. The floor tilings and parquetry were laid over ply, which sits atop a concrete slab laid over a sand bend that protects potential convict-era remnants. On top of this exacting condition was a cleanliness compliance required of a food venue. And while the cabinetry and seating needed to be “robust because a commercial space takes a beating”, the pressed metal ceilings above the bar that prevent dust fall, needed to look of a period but be extremely lightweight so as not to weigh on the precious cellar fabric. While using those tool-etched walls as textural highlights by subtly lighting them, the fit-out had to be done “without any of the elements looking kitch”, says the architect.

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